18 November 2013


Yesterday, I attended another fantastic yoga and journal writing workshop with Angela Weins of Yoga Inner Spirit.

Today, I am working on my next book – More Beautiful Than Before, an exploration of fibre arts and journalling for self-expression and emotional healing.

Because you see, at the workshop, as I anticipated, things got shaken loose … and I am inspired to work and to write.

Here is a small excerpt from the writing I did … and which will be in the next book, too, apparently.


Openness, the card says.

As I began today, I prayed “Show me. Show me what it is that needs to come up to the surface, whatever it is that is lying behind the locked door of memory and fear.”


One must open the door.

Allow the memories to surface – allow the feelings their expression. Openness. Not the slamming, closing door, the angry burst of sound as the door hits the frame. Openness is the wind blowing the door open, letting the crystal snowflakes drift across the floor.

Openness is being willing. Being willing to see where things go – to open your arms and embrace the sky. To open your heart and embrace your life. Even if your life is not the way you had envisioned it. When you are open, you allow the Universe to bring change to your world … and what Has Been … it’s uncomfortable. Constrained. Unhealthy.

Openness. Let the wind blow open the door of your soul and deliver tiny crystalline gifts to your heart.

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  1. I have no words, ironically, to response. So I will sit in the silence and feel the vibration.


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