15 February 2015

No rest for the.. Hmmmm.

There is no language strong enough to express just how bad a whole night of trauma nightmares is.

I woke after the first bad one - which  was disturbing as well as terrifying - and my husband helped me feel better. I was able to go back to sleep..

... and went into another one.

Dragged myself up to partial wakefulness  ... And went back to yet another.

I'm wide awake now but my body feels like what I dreamed actually happened. 

I need a hot shower. 



  1. [Heart] across the border. Will be thinking of you today.

  2. We prayed for you.
    mom & dad

  3. Thanks all.

    Last night was an improvement... The I only had to watch other people being hurt instead of enduring it myself.

    PTSD sucks.


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