28 September 2015

Today’s Accomplishments

- Got up at 5:30 AM to take The Reluctant Farmer to the airport so he could go to work. Drove home without falling asleep.

- Went back to bed and had a great rest.

- Figured out how to calculate payroll deductions, and remit to CRA. Sorted paperwork for the new business. (The Reluctant Farmer’s job required him to set up his own company, and I’m the paper and pixel wrangler for the adventure.)

- Checked the spam filter software and tweaked a few things. (I hate spam. Do people really think these emails work? … even scarier thought … they must work at least some of the time … yikes.)

- Had coffee and a biscotti.


Not sure what’s up next, I have a bit more paperwork to sort and tidy then I suspect it’ll be time to sit and do a bit of knitting.

I can hear Sasha’s bell as she munches grass in the pasture. It’s an absolutely gorgeous fall day here at Apple Jack Creek and I’m enjoying having the windows open!

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