22 November 2015

Be kind. Please.

: climbs onto soap box :

Canada has always had immigrants. (Look at my white face and Celtic name... I'm not First Nations! My grandmother was born in Scotland and my other ancestors were from the British Isles as well.)

Screening of immigrants is intense and thorough and slow. 

Being a refugee stinks. 

Being homeless stinks. 

Living on a reserve with crummy services and inadequate housing stinks. 

Being mentally ill really stinks, especially if you don't have family and friends to look after you. 

Bad guys exist. Some of them exist here... Some of them are running full scale wars in other parts of the world. 

Do what you can to make the world a better place: if you are called to serve the homeless, work for better treatment of our First Nations people, support the unwell, teach the young or the old or the underserviced, you do that.

It's not "this or that". There is much to be done. So do something real and practical and solid. 

Stop posting illogical / racist / fear based / false dichotomy memes and go make a difference wherever you can. 

Your anger and fear make me feel awful, and I'm already not well. You aren't helping. Really. 

Be the change you want to see. 

Remember that someday, it might be you who needs help. I certainly didn't expect to be unable to support myself at this point in my life... But things happen. 

Do you think that the people carrying their children across entire countries expected to be where they are?

Do you think this little boy's family expected to see this?

Be kind. 


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