09 November 2015

Peanut Butter Management Strategy

We prefer natural peanut butter: no added sugars or weird chemicals and it tastes awesome.

However, it separates and you get a layer of oil over a layer of manageable nut butter over a layer of peanut butter rock. No big deal, you stir it up then serve. 


In a big jar, it's hard to stir it thoroughly without getting your knuckles covered on peanut oil. 

So, when the latest jar was opened, I took a big spoon and mixed it all up then portioned it into jam jars. Those are short enough that you can stir thoroughly with a table knife and not get the handle covered in peanut butter, so they are manageable. 

Plus, one can sit on the kitchen table and look reasonably much like it belongs there, which cannot be said of the big jars we normally buy. :) 

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  1. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I go to Picard's and buy a bag of their Ontario grown peanuts....dump them into the PB making machine and voila....squished up peanuts and pure nut butter...It doesn't seem to separate either....yummy stuff!!.....Sharon


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