02 December 2005

Chilly, but ok

Just a quick post for those who may have checked our weather - last night was very chilly (-21ish) but we did okay.

When I got home last night we moved some furniture: took The Boy's bed down, and put a mat on the floor in that space, moved the heater over to that area, and hung a curtain between the "bedroom" end and the "kitchen" end. The kitchen end is where the window stays open (to allow fresh air in so that we don't suffocate from the kerosene heater burning up all the oxygen), but even a tiny crack makes a significant draft in such a small space.

The new arrangement worked well, and two bodies in one bed (with all the blankets from two beds on one bed!) was nice and comfortable. I only woke up when the wind started whistling through the window opening, but even then, I wasn't cold. Yay!

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