15 April 2006

More wood...

We are not really paying much attention to the holiday this year, but happy Easter to all. :)

We've spent the weekend so far working very hard. On Friday, we did allow ourselves the luxury of sleeping in, then we worked on the chicken coop - half of the shed is being converted to chicken housing, so we got started on that: insulating the walls and raising the floor at one end (which will make it easier to muck out the bedding, as well as keeping it a bit warmer).

Friday night I worked on the walls inside the house - I got wood on the walls by the stove as you can see, and got it stained as well. While I had the stain out, I did a few other places around the house that hadn't been finished yet, too.

Today I worked on several of the smaller jobs - there were a couple of places that needed long boards cut lengthwise to fit, so I got out the jigsaw and did those. While I was doing finicky cutting, I put wood up on the wall above the kitchen cabinets. I did go outside and get the more stable ladder for these jobs - the one that was already inside is terribly rickety and a bit nerve wracking to stand on.

As my parents arrive tomorrow, I also thought I should get things just a little tidier (mostly as a safety concern ... I know where all the bits and pieces are, but with guests in the house it should be a bit cleaner). I picked up the small bits of wood that are good for nothing but fire fodder and put them into a contractor's garbage bag, swept up sawdust and mud, and sorted through all the other bits of offcuts and leftover boards. The Boy did a wonderful job cleaning up the upstairs, and swept a massive quantity of dried mud from the front entrance. We are still most definitely an active construction zone, but not quite as dangerous a place as we were.

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  1. Anonymous10:18 pm

    We have our matching clocks hanging in our kitchens!!! :-)

    Love, AC


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