02 April 2006

Lots of hard work ... and something to show for it!

It has been a very busy weekend!

I gave Saturday to The Boy: I arranged a field trip to a rabbit breeder as part of our 4H project, so first thing in the morning we picked up the other rabbit project member and headed off for our visit. The rabbitry wasn't large or fancy, but the lady has won lots of prizes: apparently breeding rabbits is a lot like breeding show dogs, but without the obedience training. :) We had lunch back here in our blessedly functional kitchen, then went outside and worked on Cappucino's hutch. The kids were using the handsaw and hammering nails and generally having a nice time. It was sunny and warm, so it was the perfect day to do that kind of job.

Union Guy came out to stay with us on Saturday night, so we did not go to The Big City this weekend at all. This means, among other things, that I have a pile of laundry, which will be deposited at the laundromat tomorrow morning on my way to work - there is a place not far from my office that will wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you. Given the amount of work that the house needs right now, it seemed like it would be worth the money and hassle (rather than going to town and doing the wash myself). With Saturday gone to 4H, I had to dedicate today to the house.

We did take the time to go for a walk by the creek this morning, which was fun. The boys waded in, breaking the ice with their rubber boots, and I followed along the bank, ready to rescue anyone who doused themselves. My services were not really required, though - I didn't end up rescuing anyone but a single kitten who had crossed on the ice and then discovered that her return path had disappeared after the boys got through crunching the ice underfoot.

Once back at the house it was time to get down to work. Union Guy headed to town for his swimming lessons and The Boy went out and burned our paper trash and some of our scrap lumber. He had things burning in the fire pit for most of the morning, and started it back up again for awhile in the afternoon - the trash was all burned by then, but he was enjoying the fire, I think. :)

As for me, I got into my work clothes and started putting boards up. I was very tired of feeling like nothing "visible" ever got accomplished, so I decided to work on something I'd see a lot of. About 2/3 of the front wall is covered in boards now. I did the bit by the patio door on Friday evening, and the rest of it was today's accomplishment.

As you can imagine, after all that cutting, climbing, nailing and staining, I am a mess and in desperate need of a shower and my bed. :) Off I go!

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