23 April 2006

Spring Break

Yesterday was my brother in law's graduation: he now has a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is a major testament to commitment and perseverance! We counted it up yesterday - he has taken classes at six different schools over the course of seventeen years, endured two "dean's vacations", and made six separate starts and is now an official graduate. It is so great to see him so happy. He sure worked hard for it!

Spring break is over, and my parents have been here for the week doing all sorts of useful things. As you can see, we now have tile on the backsplash in the kitchen, and door handles on the cabinets. The microwave is also mounted on the wall, although we still have some additional work to do to stabilize it completely. The walls that are up all have stain on them, and the bathroom walls are almost completely finished. We moved the outlet and adjusted the height of the bathroom lamp, so with just a bit more effort we'll have that room all complete.

Dad just finished installing a handle in the trap door to the crawl space, and Mom is upstairs packing. We have had a busy week, but lots got done!

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