31 March 2006

Hard Work

I had a long day at the office, which ended with a meeting that went until past 5:30. Eventually I loaded myself into the car and headed home.

The Boy was working on his homework, and neither of us were very hungry. He sat at the table typing on the computer, and I started hauling boards. We got a pile of them inside, and then I started cutting them to length for the loft wall. Got those all stained and up (with The Boy's help: for some of them I couldn't get my ladder exactly where I wanted it, so I nailed the bottom of the board and he nailed the top!).

I got brave and put boards on the wall between kitchen and living room, too (just the tiny wall beside the fridge). Now, of course, I'm worn out and ready to sleep.

I managed not to fall off the ladder tonight. The night before last I missed the bottom rung and landed rather ungracefully in a pile of cut lumber. I have bruises on my backside to attest to this adventure, but no other damage, not even to the boards, believe it or not. :)

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