26 March 2006

A sad day.

When we pulled into the driveway today, something was lying in a pile off to the left. Closer investigation proved it to be the remains of Moke, our most curious cat - the one who would climb up any ladder that was left leaning against the house, and the one who was on best terms with the beagle. We have no idea what happened to her ... we were away for a couple of days, and by the time we got back ... well, there were crow footprints in the snow, but no blood anywhere. I have no idea what happened. She was near the car when we left, but I moved slowly so she'd have time to move away, and I don't think I got her with the tires.

The stranger thing is that Diesel and Shadowcat are nowhere to be found. They have just vanished without a trace.

It is very sad. We haven't even had them that long ... I feel like I must be a rotten caregiver to lose three cats with no evidence of what happened and only one left behind to bury! Never mind the one that got buried in the foundation only a few weeks after we got him!

I suppose that perhaps Diesel and Shadowcat may yet reappear ... but we are usually gone on the weekends, and when we get back they rush out to greet us. If they don't show up immediately, it's never more than a little while ... so, I am not very hopeful. I imagine their disappearance will remain a mystery as well. The Boy went out and looked for prints or other signs of life (or death, frankly) and found nothing at all. They are just ... gone.

I did get some work done inside today, at least - all but one of the bathroom walls are done. I do like the colour of the stain I've chosen, and I will use it in the rest of the house. Hmm, I'll have to stop and get some more of it tomorrow, I was at the bottom of the can today.

Oh, and I made pea soup on the stove today. It's so nice to be able to cook.

I'm very worn out from everything. I think I'll have some tea and read for a while.

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