22 March 2006

A little at a time

I try to do one thing towards finishing the house every day. I don't always manage, and sometimes it isn't anything very significant, but I do try.

Yesterday I brought some of the pine boards in from outside and set them to dry. (Like I said, sometimes it isn't anything very significant.)

Tonight I stained, cut the boards to length, and put them up in the bathroom. The 6" boards sure make fast work of covering the walls ... much quicker than the little 3" boards I had in my room. These are also much better quality - I haven't had to do much "strategic cutting" to eliminate knots or kerf marks. So, we now have about 1/3 of another wall completed. It's progress!

Time to have a shower and head to bed ... we can have more progress tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Good work!
    My place is solar too.
    Makes you appreciate the sun!


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