04 March 2006

Second coat

Today's job was to put a second coat of stain/sealant on the bedroom walls, and do part of the ceiling in the bedroom as well. The Boy helped by staining the white ceiling boards, and he did a fine job. I sawed and nailed and stuffed insulation into the ceiling, and then started the long job of restaining the walls. It doesn't really look like I did much, but the walls are more even and a richer colour. There are a few drip marks - it's not a pefect job by any stretch of the imagination - but it'll do fine.

This cottage grade 5/16 thick pine is a real pain to work with. It buckles and bows and twists and skews making it nearly impossible to have smooth seams between boards. This was a test, to see how well this stuff worked out ... true, it's only $5-7 for 14 square feet, but it just doesn't look or feel very solid. The rest of the house is to be done with 3/4" thick 6" wide boards, I think they'll be a significant improvement.

I *still* have my cough ... I don't feel as rotten as I did, but I do cough a lot. It seems to be making the rounds, I'm not the only one. Friday I took half a dozen lemons and a bottle of honey in to work, so that all the other people I have infected could enjoy lemon and honey in hot water along with me.

Hmm, I think I should go get some of that now.


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    Looks good. You are living Doug's dream - solar panels, country, woodstove... Enjoy!

  2. You will have to come out and visit sometime! I'd love to meet Doug ... he can cook on the woodstove if it makes him happy! :D

  3. Anonymous4:23 pm

    We both have family out there and we have always wanted to go west... we will add it to our list!


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