30 August 2007

Blue Mittens, as requested

My sister asked for a picture of the county-fair-ribbon-winning blue mitts, so here it is!

A pair of mitts made from loosely spun singles, done on the drop spindle from commercially prepared (and beautifully dyed!) roving - a gift from my very cool aunt in Ontario. :)

They are too small for me, but fit The Boy perfectly. They're his for the winter ... which is coming much too soon!


  1. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I really must look into this "drop spindle" thingy. I have no idea what they look like or how they work. Other than at a Pioneer Village where would I find one? I'm off to Amish country so may find one there. Very pretty mittens....gotta get me some
    Auntie Sharon

  2. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Nice mittens!!! I'm sure they will be put to good use!!

    Love, AC

  3. Hi Auntie Sharon! Drop spindles are fairly easy to come by, and very easy to use!

    I'll post some more details. :)


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