19 August 2007

Fibre successes at the fair

I entered this picture in the "Photograph of a hobby or collection" category and won second place:

I also entered a pair of mittens made from the blue roving my aunt sent me, spun up on the drop spindle into loose singles then knitted into mitts. They took third place, after two very beautiful pair of patterend mitts. That was exciting!

Best of all, though, was the entry in the "general crafts" category (the catch-all 'stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else' grouping). I entered a skein of yarn spun from Brownie's fleece (hand shorn, carded, spun, plied and washed!) and it took ... first place! How exciting!


  1. Anonymous11:46 am

    Oooo...cool! Can we see a picture of the blue mittens? Nice to have your work acknowledged by people with similar aptitudes. My talent with fibre ends at sewing on buttons.

  2. Anonymous6:50 am

    Looks like y'all were BUSY at the fair!!!


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