13 August 2007

Country Fair Season

It's country fair season!

This past weekend, The Reluctant Farmer & I were at a friend's wedding (a beautiful ceremony followed by an amazing feast - which is what you get with a Ukrainian bride and a German groom - and an evening of dancing that my feet are still recovering from). While we were off at the wedding, The Boy went to Gram and Grandpa's house and entered his crafts in the local fair.
His crafts brought home some ribbons: participation for his artwork from school, second place for the Christmas stocking he sewed at a 4-H event, and first place for his birdhouse!

Our local fair is this weekend, and we'll be entering a few things there ... further bulletins after the results are in!


  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    WAY TO GO, NOLAN!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Ooooo...good job! I love the birdhouse! Too bad all the fat pigeons around here wouldn't fit inside. :)

  3. Anonymous8:51 am

    Wow! You can get a lot of presents in that stocking! Maybe that was the plan.


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