24 February 2009

Planning the garden

It is the time of year to be thinking about the garden, and what will be planted where and how much of each. My seeds are already in from Salt Spring Seeds, and I have some more to order from Alberta Nurseries.

Today on Sharon Astyk's blog, I found a link to a web page about Lasagna Gardening: now THIS is what I need!

Plans for this year include creating several new square foot beds, a few narrow beds for vertical plants like peas, beans and raspberries, and growing potatoes and tomatoes outside of the raised bed structure in 'piles' along the sides of the garden. The garden area encompasses quite a lot of rather firmly entrenched grasses (this is old pasture land, after all) and I was *really* not looking forward to digging all of that up and trying to extinguish the grass.

Well, here we are: a way to build a new bed *without* having to do all that digging. Yippee!

And we just happen to have a two (or maybe three) year old bale of old moldy hay in there, waiting to serve as mulch and organic matter. Woohoo!

Is it time to start the seedlings yet? It's gotta be almost time ....


  1. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Well . . in Texas it is time!!! We have carrots, radishes, squash, and cucumber seeds in the ground. Carrots and radishes are peeking through. But then it is 18C at 5:30 p.m. in February! :-)

    Happy gardening!

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous6:42 am

    The lasagna gardening blog says that having access to animal manure makes you one of the "lucky ones." Don't you feel special?

    Happy gardening,

  3. Oh, AC, carrots! Already! I'm going to go to bed and mark up the new seed catalog that came today. :) It was minus 26 here today.

    And yes, natodawn, manure always makes me feel special. Phew! :D


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