10 April 2009

Definitely Spring

It is definitely spring.

Every day, the snow recedes further. Today, I noticed that some of the pasture grass is actually showing green. We also had our first thunderstorm of the season today - it was quick, but there was lightning and thunder and rain, and that definitely heralds the coming of spring.

My parents were here today: Dad and The Reluctant Farmer were working on installing the cast iron tub in the bathroom (and doing the associated shifting of walls). Mom and I worked outside - she fed the bottle lambs, and cleared and dug up the garden beds for me while I ran to town to get Dinosaur Boy and Princess Girl. We had a lovely Easter dinner while they were here (courtesy of Mom, who is an awesome cook and makes the best scalloped potatoes). It sure is nice to have them nearby again (and not just for plumbing assistance and good cooking).

Tomorrow I will probably be back in the garden: I want to lay out some cardboard and newspaper to kill the grass, and get the kids' square foot gardens set up. Some of the compost we piled up last year has cooked sufficiently, so I'll be digging through the piles and filtering out the finished stuff.

It's so nice to be outside in the warm sunshine, even with all the mud. Yup, it's definitely spring.

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  1. Ooooooo....Mom's scalloped potatoes.

    Wish we could've been there (and not just for the potatoes)!



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