19 April 2009

Settling into spring

There is only a patch of snow here and there, and the pasture is starting to turn green. The lambs are getting big, and the new calf (who has been christened Ewan MacDeepFreeze) is soft and shiny and, at the moment, sleeping contentedly in a heap of straw in the barn.

The raised beds have been dug and the encroaching grass burned away or pulled up, and the kamut wheat, the onions, and some peas have been planted.

Yes, it's definitely spring.


  1. Anonymous7:00 pm

    wow you have stuff in the garden already! I hope we don't get any significant Alberta surprise weather! Presume you have covers ready for those tender shoots.

  2. All the plants that are in so far are 'cold planted' - they get planted before the last frost, and can even handle a bit of snow. I have been whacking the bases off pop bottles and milk cartons, though, so that when the tomatoes go out we have little mini cloches for them to live in for the first while.


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