27 January 2012

I did it. I really, really did it.


Those are my hands, holding the book that I wrote.

It’s got my name on the front.


It’s got my words inside, and the patterns I designed, and the pictures I took of the things I knit from those patterns.


I did it.


I published a book.




  1. I am so stink'n proud of you... not only for writing a book but for all the healing work you had to do to get this far.

    You are an amazing woman that I am so honored to call my bestest!

  2. Anonymous6:43 pm

    I'm very proud of you - the book is great - dealing with the past is a huge challenge and you've taken the journey ... I have some idea of how difficult this road to healing is. My prayers are with you on this road.
    And now - congratulations to Wes and Nolan who I am sure contributed to it behind the scenes!

  3. Congratulations.Your story is inspirational and yur spinning and knitting is great too. I'm very glad I found your blog.

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm


    I'm so impressed and jealous. Yes, I'm jealous. Although I write every day, it's not the type of stuff that grabs people and makes them want to read more.



  5. congraulations what a great feeling hope it now sells well love reading your blog and hope 2012 is fantastic for you

  6. That is amazing! Good for you! What a cool way to start your year.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    It's been quite the journey. I knew that writing was helpful, but I hadn't really processed how much of a difference it made to write with the express purpose of having someone who didn't know the story at all be the reader. You have to explain all of it - even the parts you maybe would rather skim over, the parts you don't want to think about so much. And that was the secret to the healing.

    I hope with all my heart that the book is helpful to someone out there, somehow, someday.


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