10 October 2012

Finished sweater!

The Iced cardigan is done! I had forgotten how much bulky knits stretch in blocking, so my sleeves were a couple of inches too long. No problem, I just pulled out a few rows and bound off again - no garter stitch on the sleeves, as it doesn't seem to be curling and if it does, I'm okay with that. One of my favourite store bought sweaters had curled hems and cuffs.

Here it is, modeled with my new five yard black kilt and kilt hose ... Perfect winter wear! My kilt arrived just in time: we had our first serious snowfall today, and I am glad of the warmth and comfort!

Now I need to knit some fancy stockings ...


  1. Apparently we'll just miss each other in Jasper .... my friend and I are arriving there on Tuesday and leaving Friday. It would have been great to meet you, darn!!

  2. Oh bummer! Enjoy the trip and let me know next time you are out this way! :D


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