05 October 2012

Visible Progress

After finishing Diablo’s Ribbons (lace weight alpaca on 2.75 mm needles), I really (really) needed to work on something that went quickly.

I cast on for Iced, using Universal Yarns Deluxe Chunky Tones in Hawaiian Sunset on … get this … 8 mm needles!

Evening One: after about two hours of knitting, I’ve got fabric.

Evening two, after several hours with a good audiobook, we have a bolero:

Evening three, we have a full body and the start of one sleeve.

Evening four, we have one full sleeve and the second underway:

Days five and six had minimal knitting happening, but here on the evening of day seven, the collar is underway:

All this despite frogging the bottom six inches of the body (because I wasn’t happy with how some of the joins worked, and wanted to change where the garter stitch began) and attempting to put buttonholes into the collar band, then changing my mind and removing them. It’ll probably be done tomorrow or the next day.

I love the bright colours, the easy fit, the ability to try it on as I go and decide “yep,that sleeve is long enough”.

Can’t wait to see it all done … hmm, wonder what I’ve got in the button box?

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