05 October 2012

Knitting is love in stitches

I have had a couple of wonderful gifts show up in my mailbox in the last little while … one of which I gave you a sneak preview of in an earlier post, as it was the backdrop for the photograph.

I received a wonderful random act of kindness gift from a spindler I know from Ravelry:

It contained this wonderful shawl, knit from Noro Silk Garden in bright and cheerful colours. I have worn it nearly every day since it got here – it just makes me so happy! It’s got the wild crazy colourful gypsy thing going on, and it is the perfect weight and warmth for our inbetween kind of weather, so as I head out the door I’ve grabbed it and tossed it over my shoulders and felt loved. The other really neat thing in this box was a hand carved spindle and dish – the spindle is called a phang (pronounced “fohng”, like song not like fang) and was whittled and woodburned entirely by hand.

Of course I had to spin on it right away!

What a marvellous gift.

I also received a parcel from someone I know from Homesteading Today, a knitter who loves bulky yarn (and I mean really bulky – he knits with six or eight strands of yarn held together at once) and does all his work without patterns – he designs out of his head. He’s recently taken up spinning, and I knew that my Indian Head flyer (meant for making bulky yarn) would be far more likely to be put to use at his house than mine, so I sent it off to him in the mail. In return, this showed up:

That’s the heaviest sweater I have ever seen, and it is WARM! I love the colours – multiple shades of blue, with a bit of purple in there as well, and it’s wool and mohair blended together, at least six strands from what I could find and count. If you look at the ribbing on the hem you can see how huge the stitches are – that’s 2x2 ribbing, each stitch is over a centimetre wide!

One just can’t help but feel special when you wear something that was knit for you.

I intend to pay it forward, you bet. :)

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  1. Wonderful gifts! You certainly have some great friends.


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