07 November 2012

Snow Day

We have suddenly gotten a whole lotta snow ... they are calling for 10-25 cm all in one day! We easily have 8 cm out there now, and it is still falling steadily. (Actually I measured ... 9.5 cm.) Because it isn't all that cold and we had some rain earlier, roads are awful.

So, we stayed home and enjoyed the fire. Project #5 is about half done now, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

What do you do on snowy days?


  1. Anonymous8:39 pm

    What do we do? Your sister would have been reading "The Snowy Day"... again! See your weather story on the news - hope the roads are cleared soon - stay safe!

  2. We had had a booking to have our new countertops installed, which means that all the contents of the lower cabinet had been moved--Living Room full of drawers, a bedroom full of other stuff. Sink and tap disconnected. Well, they couldn't come because we're 50 miles out of the city. So I spent the day washing out the upper cabinets. Still a few to do today. I wonder if they'll be able to make it tomorrow.
    And lots of knitting.

  3. I had to drive to the kids' school twice, shovel twice and then chose to stay home in the evening with the home family.

  4. That should read "with the WHOLE family". It sounds like I have two families - a home family and an away family. :-)

  5. Well, Sigrun, a clean kitchen heading into winter will be nice! :) Hope you get your countertops soon. Having a kitchen torn apart is a real hassle.

    Evelyn, you have a nice "home family". ;)


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