25 November 2012

The aftermath of cleaning up

The aftermath of a big cleanup is, of course, getting rid of all the stray stuff you found.

Thankfully, most rural transfer stations (where you drop off your garbage, it all gets hauled to a big dump from the various transfer stations around the county, hence the name) have a “Take it or Leave it” spot. Anything you don’t want anymore that you think someone else might use is left in the shed, and people just help themselves to whatever they might need. I found a nice brass fireplace tool set in there recently, and I’ve picked up quite a few books as well.

Today, I dropped off a whole lot of stuff: binders, cookbooks, wire shelving, an old cooler.

And there, sitting right at the end of a row of exercise equipment, was a recumbent exercise bike.

The Reluctant Farmer and I had just yesterday been talking about getting one. You see, I got on the scale when The Boy and I went to get our vaccinations updated last week, and was not pleased to see that I weigh nearly as much now as I did two days before he was born. I should not be carrying the equivalent weight of a full term pregnancy, it puts me up into the ‘overweight’ BMI category. Plus, my extra weight is all around my middle, which increases my risk for diabetes and other problems. I need to deal with the extra pounds.

However, I need to do it gently: I can’t handle harsh exercise, it stresses my body and my mind. Plus I hate it so I don’t do it. Even our nice elliptical trainer is too much for me. I figured a recumbent bike might be okay, as I’d still be sitting down, which I prefer, and then my hands would be free, so I can knit! Yes, I chose my exercise equipment based on the fact that I can knit while exercising. Doesn’t everyone?

So the new to us bike is downstairs by the TV, and I can watch Netflix and ride the bike and knit all at the same time. And I don’t have to put on running shoes or change into special clothes … I just go downstairs to watch Farscape with my knitting, and move my feet.

Very cool. I already tested it out, and it works fine.

Yay for recycling! And cycling!


  1. Anonymous5:39 pm

    What a great find! We are familiar with the concept since in Apt. buildings, most laundry rooms have a place for items that can be reused. I'm happy to say I have neither contributed nor taken items but if I do, I'll be sure to leave something. We are just amazed at the treasures left in our laundry room - and at how quickly most items disappear! Enjoy your "new" equipment! MOM

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    In this city, the dump and recycle are together and very well organized. Someone checks your stuff before you dump it in the appropriate bin.....metal, paper plastic,toxic, waste etc. If it is reusable, you leave it at the donation centre where it is sorted by by those who are less fortunate....live at the local shelter or have no job. I look for treasures to paint....old silver trays are a great painting surface and no one wants to clean those anymore...Good system here.Sounds like your system is working well for you too..

  3. Nice find (and good luck with it)! Now, if only I lived a little closer, I'd take that elliptical off your hands ... I love them, and I *hate* going to the gym!


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