04 November 2012

Christmas Knitting

I was at the alpaca show yesterday doing the spinning demo, so today I am pretty tired. Not surprising, but I’m still not really adapted to having such a low level of energy. I slept in and everything, even with the extra hour of time change, and I still feel like taking a nap. This annoys me.

So, to cope with my annoyance, I have been working on Christmas knitting. For obvious reasons, I can’t share my projects with you yet … but suffice it to say  have a list of at least seven and possibly nine knitting projects that I’d like to have done for the holidays, and I have now completed four of them. Yay! Of course, a couple of those were started a very long time ago and just wrapped up recently, but since October I have been focused on my holiday knit projects with only a few distractions (like the goofy muppet hat).

Having just realized that I forgot to eat lunch today, I’ve had a fried egg and I am now headed back to the Big Comfy Chair to continue with Project #5.

After all, handmade gifts are the best kind of present, both to give and to receive. After wearing the lovely shawl that was sent to me a while back and experiencing the awesome feeling of being wrapped in something that was made just for me, I am determined to share that experience with as many people as I can.


  1. I'm also really enjoying my Christmas knitting for my kids and granddaughters. My projects are small, accessories, but when my other commitments were done (along with the outdoor work), I dove right in and they are going so fast that I have decided to make 2 accessories each. Barring something unforeseen, I think I'll be finished by the end of the month. Happy dance.

  2. Yeah, on track for end of November is indeed awesome!

    I am glad I started early enough to be able to make extra items. I should probably start doing what the Yarn Harlot does, and have a box of things ready to give away!


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