11 January 2013

Blech, stomach flu!

So I did get flattened … but by a stomach bug, which I probably picked up when I was out and about earlier in the week. A rather virulent norovirus is roaming the countryside at the moment, and I think I got off easy: lots of Gravol and Advil and other medications kept everything where it needed to stay, and helped me through the worst of the aches. I’m still not even THINKING about actual food, but I can sit up and knit now. For more than a day, I couldn’t bear to even hold the needles. Or a book. Thank goodness for audiobooks.

I need to knit now: a former coworker of mine suffered a terrible loss last week when her son was killed in an accident. I am knitting a little something for her, because, well, it’s all I can do.

Witnessing such overwhelming sorrow tends to put one’s troubles in perspective.


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better. Sorry to hear about your friend's loss. You're right, it does put things into perspective. Take care.

  2. Hey, L! Winters are tough. Please contact me if you want to chat. Healing thoughts are coming your way.


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