31 January 2013

The first coat, underway

I got the loom threaded and sleyed today, and started weaving the first ‘body piece’ of the coat. It’s woven in two big pieces, left side and right side, then the hood, then the sleeves.

Here you can see the bottom edge of one of the body pieces: hemstitched to help it hold shape during fulling. The bottom is  woven in a dark gray on the medium gray warp.

About twelve inches up from the hem the weft switches to a light gray, and the rest of the body will be woven in the lighter gray. I’ve been going very slowly, as I have some knots in the warp that are giving me trouble so I’ve had to experiment with different ways to work around them. The fulling process will hide most of the spots where things have been sticky, so I’m not worried, it’s just one more skill to learn.

In about four hours I wove 3’ of fabric.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish this body piece and start on the second, at least that’s the plan so far.

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