24 February 2013

A horse blanket, on a horse!

Remember the test weaving project I made? It was the sample weaving for the coats, a horse blanket of 100% wool, which proved that the fabric I was after would work for the coats … even if it did shrink a little more than I anticipated, making it a bit on the small side for a saddle blanket.

Regardless of the unusual sizing, I gave it to my friend on Friday night: he has several horses, and rides regularly … and he’s the guy who gave me my Canadian Production Wheel, just because he saw it come up at auction and thought I might like to have it. (He’s a wonderful human being.)

Today he sent me a picture of the blanket on his horse:


Yes, that’s an Aussie saddle – kind of an unusual configuration for this part of the world, but they are designed for steep hills and close contact with the horse, and they are very, very comfortable. Since this blanket ended up not being a standard size, it might not work with a regular Western saddle … but, as the subject line of the email this picture came with says, it’s “like it was made for him”. It fits perfectly on this horse with this particular saddle.

Yay. :)


  1. Anonymous12:26 am

    Well how awesome is that! Nice gift to a good friend!

  2. That does look good.

    After catching up on all of your last posts, I nominated you for a Liebster award. I love reading about your fibre arts reading about your homesteading activities.

  3. I saw your award posting on your blog, how COOL! Thanks! I will reply and pass on the love when I am a little better ... I managed to stay up for 40 minutes this morning, but I'm back in bed, knitting lace. Silk yarn makes everything better, right? :)


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