03 February 2013

All the pieces

I warped the loom today for the sleeves and got them woven – yep, all in one day. I started warping midmorning and was weaving by just after lunch, finishing both sleeves by late this evening.

Here’s a sleeve on the loom: it has stripes in the warp as I was running low on the light gray used elsewhere in the coat. I really like the effect, and I think I’ll plan to do striped warps on most of the production coats.

They’ve now come out of the wash, and they fulled up nicely just like the other pieces did:

And, now I can see all the pieces together:

The long body pieces are on the back of the chair, partially covered by the hood, and the sleeves are on the arm of the chair.

The darker yarn was used on purpose at the hem and cuffs, as those are the parts most likely to get dirty, and I figured it might show less on the darker yarn. :)

Tomorrow, it all gets put together into a coat!

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