28 February 2013

We interrupt this broadcast…

… for a seasonal dose of cold and flu.


The Boy and I both came down with something Sunday/Monday and we are dragging our backsides still.

I have made several batches of home made cold and flu treatment hooch – usually I use lemon juice + honey + brown sugar + whiskey or rum, but I have run out of lemon juice … so I squeezed the oranges we had in the fridge. Then I added nettle infusion, since nettles are generically good for you. Ran out of nettles. Ran out of ornages. Still too ill to go all the way to an actual grocery store so I got a tub of that powdered stuff to make lemonaide at the corner store when I dropped off parcels, and I have a good stock of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat and Breathe Easy tea here, so the latest batch is triple strength tea + a whalloping big spoon ful of honey + lemonaide mix + a splosh of whiskey.

It helps. Doesn’t taste great, but it helps.

We’ve managed to drag ourselves through all that is necessary … animals fed and watered, eggs gathered, school work done, shop orders dealt with … but that’s *it*. Nothing else. We keep going back to bed, or collapsing in a chair to rest.

It’ll pass, and it’s not too serious – we have all had flu shots, we’ve got no fevers, and I have the weird chills and strange sensations that I get when it’s a thoroughly viral infection, so we are just staying under quarrantine and drinking plenty of fluids and trying to keep things rolling at a minimally  functional level.

So far, so good.

We now return you to your regular programming.

We’ll be here resting for a bit longer.


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Too bad I'm so far away - you could use some "mom care" by the sounds of it... get well soon - both of you!

  2. I've been exposed to sick people 3 times this winter, and sure enough 7-10 days later, started to feel that "comin'down with somethin" feeling: took some Echinacea capsules 3x a day (from Costco), took 500 mg extra vit C. Increased fluids. Nothing developed in any of those situations. Touch wood.


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