03 March 2013

Okay, THAT’s not what I expected…

Yesterday morning I dragged my aching self out of bed to help unload a few more bales of hay that were delivered. The farmer said he’d gotten on the road early so as to miss the bad weather, and I thought “what bad weather?”

It’s sunny, melting, everything is all drippy … well, maybe the temperature is gonna drop and things will get icy. That happens a lot this time of year.

I went back inside and crawled back into bed. The Boy did afternoon chores for me as I couldn’t drag myself upright for longer than it took to get a drink and use the loo and collapse back into bed.

This morning, I looked out and saw this:

OH! That’s what he meant!


  1. Beautiful. We have mud here...

  2. No worries, it'll be mud in another couple of weeks. :)

  3. Anonymous12:05 am

    So beautiful to look at! Love the little red barn in the midst of all the snow!


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