26 March 2013

Today was an awesome day

It didn’t start out as an awesome day, though. It started out at 2:30 am with me waking up from a nightmare in which I was being held down, choked, and mocked as I struggled to free myself, unable to close my jaws on my attacker’s arm, unable to scream for help, panicked and terrified. It took three hours, two doses of sleep tincture, and Caleb sleeping next to my bed (he normally isn’t allowed in the bedroom at all) to finally get back under.

But then, as I sat at the kitchen table finishing my coffee, I got a call from my friend Jack, the same Jack who saw an antique wheel at auction and  when nobody bid on it he “thought I might like it” so he brought it to me, and the same Jack I wove the horse blanket for. He has been teaching his small horse to pull a cart and wondered if I’d like to go for a ride! Perfect! Yes, that was just what I needed today.

I headed over to their place and found the horse all ready to go, with the horse blanket folded up on her back under the harness to keep it from pressing on her skin. Jack said that it was when he went to get the blanket that he thought of calling me, and I am so glad he listened to that idea … this was just the perfect thing for me after a hard night of terror: sunshine, a horse, a cart (hand made from an old trailer we’d given him long ago, it had outlived it’s span as a camper but had perfectly good axles that he thought could be put to use … as they have been!), and a good friend.

Going for a ride in the cart is like sitting on a park bench, Jack says, only the park goes past you at this lovely slow walking pace. :) It’s true, too!

Photo 2013-03-26 1 09 49 PM

Yep, those are my boots. See? I even got to drive the pony and brush her down afterwards and I had a lovely cup of tea with my friend.

Then I hustled to do my one afternoon errand (taking the dog and cat to the vet), and checked the mail on my way home.

And in the mail was a wonderful, fabulously generous parcel from an online friend and fellow spinner. Some time back she’d mentioned that she’d made a pair of socks in a class that turned out too small for her, but they’d fit me so she offered to send them on. Then she decided to add to the parcel and this is what came!

Photo 2013-03-26 6 21 28 PM

The socks (which I put on my feet the moment I pulled them out of the box, I LOVE THEM!), a pattern for coloured mittens that is probably within my skill range (i.e. it’s not stranded!), a ball of gloriously bright sock yarn in my favourite brand (Regia), a little medallion with a guardian angel that says hope faith believe on the back (exactly what I needed today), and … a stunningly beautiful, finely turned spindle (with the thinnest flicking point ever) and a gorgeous dish!

I am gobsmacked.

I am surrounded by love and kindness and support and friendship and I feel so blessed.

Being the recipient of such generosity not only reminds me that I really do have a place in this world (sometimes, because of the scars I bear, I don’t feel like I really belong anywhere) … but not only that, I am inspired all over again to reach out and brighten someone else’s day, too.

We all matter, even when we don’t feel like it … and we all need a boost now and then, so if it’s within our power to cheer someone up with a word or a deed, we should just go ahead and do it.

It’s been a lovely day.


  1. Anonymous6:33 pm

    That was an awesome day! I'm glad others chose to extend their kindness to you!

  2. Love it. Not the first part, of course, but that it ended well.


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