30 March 2013


Apparently, I can still overdo it without realizing it.

I spent most of yesterday weaving – trying out different ways of working with a point twill draft. I made a bunch of squares – sort of napkin or large coaster kind of shapes, all different. I think I might sew them together into a little bag, actually.

I finished off the warp this morning, got it in the wash and started winding on for the next project – tea towels. Well, that’s the intent, we’ll see what happens when I start weaving.

(If you’ve read any of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Chalion books, you may be able to identify the colour scheme. I hope to do all five.)

I got a little over halfway and had to quit – my back was aching and I was very, very tired. I lay down on the couch for awhile, then we had supper and I went outside to close down the Cow Buffet (i.e. put Sasha and George back in, they’ve been out eating down the hay bales now that I have a tie-out for George) and feed Izzy the Bottle Lamb again. She’s loud, but cute.

And then I got back on the couch and realized … yeah, I’m absolutely knackered. Can’t breathe properly, and I’m so tired. It’s like when I was first off work, that kind of feeling. I expect it’ll pass soon enough, but for the moment I’m resting with the laptop and surfing weaving designs.

I hope you have a restful day!

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