09 June 2013

A day in the Garden

Today was the Artist’s Day at the Pegg Garden, and it was really fun.

When I left home the weather looked great, but before I got to the garden, it started to sprinkle with rain. It never really came down hard, but it was off and on drizzly all day and my choice of footwear was suboptimal for the conditions. I had slip on shoes (because I was going to be spinning and I take my shoes off when I spin) that got soaked … and my bare feet were frozen in no time.

However, I found a spot to set up underneath a lovely big crabapple tree, where I could hang the woven coats for everyone to see…

and then tucked my table and wheel under the branches where I was sheltered from the rain:

After a couple of hours I was thoroughly chilled, so I took my sweater off and wore my gray coat – hey, I can model it while I work! Lots of people were interested in the coats, I gave out  lots of cards so hopefully there’ll be some orders through the Etsy shop.

I haven’t posted the new swing coat design on Etsy yet, but it’ll be going up soon … here are a few better pictures of the Creamsicle coat. (Yes, I’m taking custom orders for other colours, or this coat in wool/alpaca!)

I love the swingy centre back pleat. It’s really comfy and warm – one lady tried it on during a bit of a rainshower and stayed under the tree chatting with me until the rain passed, keeping warm in the wool coat!

I sold a few small items, and got to meet and talk to a lot of great people. It was a really fun day!

Now to finish the last minute packing arrangements and catch some sleep before the early (early!) departure for Ontario tomorrow morning!

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