17 June 2013

Home at last

I’m in my own bed (laptops are handy things), safely back in my own home. The Boy was there waiting for me at the airport, and he had even picked up milk and cereal and filled up the van, being the good kid that he is.

I had a lovely rest last night in my friends’ home, then I took the GO train from Oshawa to Union Station, walked to the bus shuttle pickup spot and rode to the airport, got through security and flew nonstop to Edmonton.

Last evening I started to feel a bit stuffy, but I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to something in the air or the house I was in … but when it was still there this morning and worsened throughout the day I was forced to accept that it’s probably a cold. I was okay on the ascent on the plane, but by the time it came to descend, one ear would not unplug and I’m definitely on the road to a seriously stuffy head. Honestly though, if this is the price I pay for running hard for a week in Ontario, I’m fine with that – I had such a wonderful time, truly, I did, I’m okay with paying the piper at this end.

My next two days are going to be busy getting things ready for Fibre Week – but stay tuned for updates from Olds, as we’ll be setting up on Thursday and open for business Friday at noon! Oh, and I have custom made orifice hooks (from Wheelwright) to sell – they’ll go first at Olds, then if any are left, they’ll go up in the shop. They are fabulous – not quite as cool as mine with the captive ring, but the same general shape with a flexible piano wire shaft topped with a hook small enough to work on pretty well any wheel, even an old antique, and they are shellacked and have a loop for hanging. Hand made! Totally Canadian! Awesome!

Okay, I’m not getting enough oxygen to my brain, I need to try and sleep. First, a couple more Ontario photos…

Heron in the water at St Mary’s:

2013-06-14 14.07.13

My family of origin, all of us:

2013-06-14 14.08.15

Mom and I on the boardwalk at Point Pelee:

2013-06-12 13.12.27

Pretty flowers growing on a trellis in St Mary’s:

2013-06-14 11.27.31


  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    I find I often pick up some "bug" when flying. I think folks fly when ill and just pass their diseases along. In those small spaces, it is hard to avoid illness. Happy you are home safely and the memories will keep you warm for a while.

  2. That heron must have seriously strong (skinny) legs to stand stir where he is.

    Welcome home! Hopefully you don't have to suffer through a cold while in Olds. Fibre Week sounds like such a great time.


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