11 June 2013

Ontario, Day 1

Monday morning I got up waaaaay too early and The Boy drove me to the airport (with a stop for an Egg McMuffin and a coffee on the way, of course).

At the airport, I saw this lady with a great sweater and had to take a picture – it was machine knit, but I loved the way the ribbing expanded into a peplum sort of thing at the back:

Photo 2013-06-10 11 36 24 AM

Then there was a lot of this:

Photo 2013-06-10 2 38 16 PM

And some of this:

Photo 2013-06-10 2 47 57 PM

And then I arrived and my parents were right there waiting for me, and it was awesome.

We drove around and saw quite a few familiar sights and places I’d heard about and so forth … we stopped and saw my grandparents’ grave:

Photo 2013-06-10 6 30 05 PM

and the library where Mom and Dad like to go (where we saw this great book, which I had to take a picture of because I want to read it when I get home so I need to request it from my own library):

Photo 2013-06-10 6 43 58 PM

and we went to Kingsville where there is a lovely park with access to Lake Erie, and I had to go and stick my feet in the water and splash around for a bit:


The bottom was awesomely sandy and it felt great on the feet, especially after all that time on the plane.

There was a gorgeous walking trail too:


Then there was an awesome Mom Supper and I got to sleep on the air bed with a *real wool mattress cover* and the newest quilt Mom just finished (apparently I am the first one to sleep under it). It’s gorgeous, I’ll get a picture tomorrow.

Being here is like being home, even though it’s a new place and things aren’t all the same as they were the last time I saw my parents but really, wherever they are is home. It’s nice to be back home.

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