27 August 2013

Life is precious.

An online friend made it through breast cancer treatments and a double mastectomy in the last several months. She had reconstruction and the whole nine yards, and she was doing awesome – she even participated in the cold cap study and managed to keep her hair throughout her chemotherapy!

Then, at her follow up appointment, they found cancer in a lymph node ... and the end story is that it's metastasized throughout her chest and surgery isn’t an option, nor is radiation. Chemo may control it for awhile.

She is younger than I am. Brilliant. Married. Fabulously funny and creative and talented. And this.

I am heartbroken.

I am also chastised. I take the gift of my life for granted so often … her struggle is a reminder that I should not do that any more.

The community of friends (most of whom have never met in person) have banded together in support and we are doing what we can to encourage and share our love.

Life is a precious gift. I promise to do my very best to appreciate it from now on.

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