15 December 2013

Tree day!

The Boys took the truck, the chainsaw, and the snowshoes and headed out Christmas tree hunting this morning. After much wading through deep snow they found a gorgeous tree ... Very tall (I hear there is a family bylaw requiring trees to be over 8'), lovely branches, very snowy!

It has been raining in the house for awhile now, and lights are being installed. I am supervising, for the most part, from my position on the couch ... I've got the full blown flu-style exhaustion going on just now, so I am trying very hard to pace myself. I do one small thing, like reheat leftovers and eat lunch, then lie down again with my knitting. Being horizontal or mostly so seems to help quite a bit. 

The Boy brought the boxes of decorations up from the basement and Princess Girl put a bunch of things out on shelves and doorknobs, The Reluctant Farmer and The Smaller Boy brought home a load of firewood, and The Bigger Boy has now gone on a dump run (I did have to help him get the car unstuck ... Freezing rain on top of snow is yukky!) and I'm back in my comfy spot for a bit. Soon it'll be time to make dinner, so I have to build up some energy. :)
More tree updates soon!

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