19 December 2013

What does your Brave Girl look like?

My counsellor asked me that this week.

“What does your Brave Girl look like?”

I thought for a minute.

She has a sword in her hand, held up high. And a leather shield … embossed with the horse of Rohan.

Then I knew.

She looks like Eowyn.


Eowyn, who faced the Nazgul king and said NO.

Eowyn, who was wounded, and spent a long time in the Houses of Healing.

Eowyn, who became well at last when she opened her heart to the love that was offered.

Yes, that is what my Brave Girl looks like.

There’s a shawl design in the making now, for her: it will be called Shieldmaiden’s Courage.

It’ll be awhile … it’s big.


  1. We have the same one.

  2. She is an awesome Brave Girl. I'm glad I can see her at last. I know she's been there all along ... but now I see her.
    She's beautiful and amazing.

  3. I still need to see my brave girl....maybe seeing her will help me to acknowledge her existence.


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