12 December 2013

When the brain is on overdrive

Lately, my brain is on overdrive: scattered, frazzled, hard to focus on anything, trouble remembering things, the usual. After effects from the relapse, I am sure.

My family have been wonderful about helping out – The Boy has done chores for me so I can stay inside and rest, and everyone’s tried hard to help me feel better. I appreciate all their efforts, very much.

I’ve been doing my fibre arts work as a coping strategy: I can’t focus well, though, so I have a bunch of projects on the go and I keep switching from one to another, it’s like being in kindergarten and going from one station to the next! I have a sock in progress out of some stunning yarn from Mayhem and Chaos, the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater, which is now getting a lace border added to the hem, some mittens, and a hat that I am inventing as I go. Oh, and some merino/silk on a spindle, because, hey, merino and silk makes any day better, much the same way a cup of tea improves even the worst day at least a little bit.

I was at a knitting party last night, working on the hat, and I explained that I had been feeling very scatterbrained and so although I’d looked at a bunch of patterns and even started one or two of them, following a pattern just wasn’t gonna happen so I had to make something up myself.

It was pointed out to me that for most people, feeling scatterbrained means they need to follow a pattern, not that they immediately go off and design something brand new right out of their heads.

Yep, I have a weird brain. :)

But it’s a cool pattern, I think it’s gonna work well. Yes, I’ll publish it when I’m done … if it really does work out as planned. I’ve decided to call it Ekaterin, for Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan, from the fantastic universe created by Lois McMaster Bujold. It seems like the kind of hat she’d wear.

Linen stitch. Integrated i-cord. Variegated hand dyed yarn. I think it’ll work.


ETA It’s posted on Ravelry now!


  1. Michele5:26 pm

    Hi, Lonna - I didn't know that you were another lover of the Vorkosigan universe :-) Take care, stay warm, and enjoy!

  2. Michele5:27 pm

    Hi, Lonna - I didn't know that you were another lover of the Vorkosigan universe :-) Take care, stay warm, and enjoy!

  3. Michele5:27 pm

    Blah - I'm embarrassed to admit that your comment-posting-tool is a little confusing

  4. HA! If your brain is weird, then so is mine... i can't follow a pattern when I'm feeling frazzled either. I mainly wing it. And more often then not, it works out so darn well. Looking forward to seeing your pattern. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to follow it one day ;)

  5. Michele, I think you are the one who introduced me to the inimitable Miles! I love that universe and the people in it.

    Belladune, I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I'll be putting the pattern up shortly - it's meant for modification so it should work even if you are frazzled! :D

  6. I have a dear friend who goes through the same as you. Thank you and I am passing your blog into her so she can connect and read and not feel so alone and over whelmed at times :) She is a very creative fiber artist,spinner and knitter as well. Thanks!

  7. Thomas, thank you so much for letting me know that my words might be helpful. I want others to know that life is messy sometimes, and it can be even messier when you are dealing with mental health issues, but there is still joy and peace and wonder to be found, beautiful things to be created, and hope for healing and wholeness. Fibre arts are a fantastic means of expressing what words simply will not capture, and hey, it's fun and you get to make cool stuff while you play!


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