14 May 2014

Milk! Cream!

Sasha's baby is doing really well ... Up and about and eating. We are getting 2-3 litres of milk daily, with plenty for the calf, so I'm happy about that. Sasha is getting beet pulp, alfalfa cubes and alfalfa pellets as supplemental feed, and some time out on the grass most days ... The remaining hay is quite weary looking and there isn't much grass yet, so the extra boost from the pelleted feed is a big plus. 

Yesterday's milk had a whole lot of cream on top ... Butter is on the horizon! Today's milk is in the fridge separating: it generally takes overnight for the cream to all separate out, with Dexter milk anyway. I had a couple of glasses of whole fresh cold milk today and it was fabulous!
See all that cream on top? 


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