23 June 2014

The First Cheese: Caerphilly

I decided that one of the cheeses was ready for eating. It’s a Caerphilly, which is meant to be eaten fairly young, so I trimmed the rind and took a bite.


It’s buttery and tangy all at the same time.

My son tasted it and said, “Yeah, that actually resembles cheese.”

I’m very pleased!

Of course I’m completely out of rennet, so I haven’t been able to make cheese for some time now. I kept waiting for the package to arrive in the mail … then finally realized it hadn’t come because I hadn’t actually *ordered* it, I’d just *thought about* ordering it.

So I’ve got rennet (and a few other cheese making goodies) on the way to me in the mail, and tomorrow I go on a bit of a road trip for another dairy making adventure … which I’ll tell ya about when I get back!


  1. Go you!!! One day, I'm going to try making cheese. One day.

  2. Your son is a man of few words....."it actually resembles cheese"? That cracked me up


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