21 February 2016


I have been saving the seeds from all the apples and pears I've been enjoying from our Organic Box and keeping them in a damp container in the fridge. 

Today when I went to add a handful of pear seeds, there were sprouts!

I planted the little things in one of the new pots I placed on the south deck: it's still cool and fluctuating in temperature outside so they should be happy. It's a little warmer up on the deck, and sheltered from wind, so... We shall see!

Free trees. How awesome. 


  1. For these to grow here you will need to graft them to a hardy root stock--they will not survive on their own roots. Also, even on a hardy root stock, BC apples or pears, or those grown in warmer places won't survive even when grafted. If you want to grow your own apples you're better off to get seeds from locally hardy apples, and grow some old fashioned crabapple seedlings to graft onto. If you succeed in this, the trees will not be dwarfed or semi-dwarfed, since those require dwarfing root stocks for grafting. But fun to try to see what you can grow.

  2. Good to know!
    I figure it's worth a shot, even a long one, just to see

  3. They've come up in the pot, at least! Exciting experiment. Sasha likes apples so even if they aren't good people apples, someone will be happy ... If a few survive that long. :)


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