27 March 2007

Another lamb arrives!

When The Boy came home from school today, he saw Split lying next to a very new baby lamb. (Split is an Icelandic/Suffolk ewe born last spring - her full name is actually Banana Split.)

The new lamb was probably born less than an hour before The Boy arrived home. The mama sheep was doing a great job all by herself, and was not upset at all by The Boy coming near to take some pictures and check out the baby.

This is Corolla, our newest addition!

Why Corolla, you ask? Well, we are getting one of these for an additional commuter vehicle, and we just plain love Toyotas - Union Guy drives a Hilux Surf, I drive a Hilux pickup, a friend's Land Cruiser is parked in the yard, and I have previously owned a Celica, a Camry, and a 4Runner... oh yeah, and Gram and Grandpa have a Camry now too!

With this being a "C" year and all, it just seemed like a good name. Maybe she'll be fuel efficient, and grow really well on straight grass!


  1. Anonymous7:26 am

    Toooo darn cute!!! What a nice surprise to come home to! Again, thanks for the update! Nothing like drinking a cup of coffee and getting caught up on the news of the north!

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Does this mean you will have one named Curry (as in curried lamb)? How about Celery, or Cecil, Crabapple, oooo...I got it...Clarence! "Teacher says, 'every time a bell rings, and angel gets its wings!'"


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