29 March 2007

Cupid has gone to the Good Shepherd

Unfortunately, things with Cupid the market lamb had gone beyond fixing. The Boy was asleep for most of the work done attempting to solve the problem, but when it was clear we couldn't save the lamb, I went and got The Boy. Doctor Sarah is very kind and the end was super quick and painless ... which is good, as Cupid had been in pain for a few days already and it really needed to end. I am so relieved that we called her: I learned tonight that a sheep can take days to die when this happens (the pipes had, in fact, burst inside), in horrible pain the whole time ... so it was definitely best to get it done quickly.

Looking at the economics, it was still worth the cost of a vet visit: now I know what to look for if we run into this problem again. I would have had no idea what I was looking for and been afraid to euthanize an animal thinking maybe it still had a chance to get better. Doctor Sarah explained what to look for and how to make the call as to whether or not things are beyond hope, and that is good knowledge to have.

The Boy is very accpeting of all this: he feels, rightly I think, that as long as we do our best for our animals and try our hardest to keep them safe and reduce their suffering, we have been good shepherds. For this year, he will continue on in 4H with his breeding ewe, Cherub. She is a lovely lamb with a gorgeous fleece, I'm sure he will do well with her!

So, although we lost a lamb tonight, we gained valuable knowledge and we have the peace of knowing that we eased a fellow creature's pain. We send Cupid to the Good Shepherd with all our love, and with thanks for all we learned from him.

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  1. Anonymous7:00 am

    Oh, I'm sad. I know it is best that he rest well with the Great Shepherd but it is just plain sad. Lambs born around Easter are supposed to live and be the reminder of new life and spring! Okay, I will try to understand.

    Love, AC


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