14 March 2007

Good news for the abandoned twin lamb!

Well, she took her time getting her strength back ... but by the time she was a full 36 hours old, Cutter had finally started sucking on a bottle (instead of sitting there with it in her mouth, barely swallowing 10 mL in 20 minutes). She still needed help getting the nipple into her mouth, and was still very wobbly on her legs, falling down most times she tried to stand. By day 2, though, she was up and walking more, and drinking better - finally starting that "chugalug guzzle" that bottle lambs do. Then, wonder of wonders, I noticed she was butting at people's legs, like she was looking for milk ... so we took her out to the pasture.

Her momma made that mooing sound and welcomed her right away - let her nurse (although The Boy had to help the lamb to find the 'sweet spot' at first, this particular sheep has teats well off to the sides of the udder, where they are hidden unless she cooperates with the lamb), and all seemed well. We left everyone out for the night (it was fairly warm - well, in our terms).

I took the lamb to work again today for one more day of 'insurance supplementation' - just to be sure she had a good start. She followed me out to the pasture when we got home and was persistently following her momma around the pasture, getting milk at every opportunity.

Woohoo - a cold baby that could barely suck and couldn't stand is back on her feet and back with her momma - after two and a half days of bottles! How exciting!

I know it's really uncommon ... once they have a bottle, that's all they want, and once momma ignores them, she won't take them back ... so ... wow, anything really is possible!


  1. Anonymous6:45 pm

    YEA!!! Hip, hip hooray!!!!

  2. Anonymous1:07 pm

    That's one tough Cookie!

    (Can you tell someone here teaches English idioms?)


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