26 March 2007

The Boy is eleven

This past week, The Boy had his eleventh birthday.

Gram and Grandpa came for dinner on his actual birthday, helped with chores, made dinner for everyone, and brought cake! What a treat - for everybody!

On Saturday, there was a Kid Party at our house: kids came and bounced on the trampoline, checked out the critters, made pizza (individual creations for each kid) and home made ice cream. Yes, without a freezer, we made ice cream! (I bought two bags of ice at the corner store in the morning, packed them in hay on the deck, and they stayed frozen until we needed them.) Everybody got an apron to wear, and The Boy even had a chef's hat.

Union Guy did his usual magic with a cake, creating a large bowl of "ice cream" - several scoops of ice cream in a bowl, iced in different colours, covered in sprinkles, with a big spoon to serve it! Of course, it wasn't ice cream at all, but cake ... totally amazing.

In keeping with our food theme, we raised $100 for World Vision's programs that feed hungry children around the world. A birthday is a great time to share what we have with those who have so much less!


  1. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Awesome cake, Union Guy!!! Where were you when my kids were little? Oh yeah, you were little, too! :-)

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Now THAT is amazing! I am thoroughly impressed. Maybe Union Guy should start a birthday cake business. BTW...I like chocolate :)


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