29 April 2007

Bob, MIA again

Our news from today is not so good: I went to the city yesterday to do some shopping and when we got home today, Bob was not here. Union Guy had made Bob a 'trolley run' so he could have some space to run but still be tied up - Bob is a danger to himself since he roams if he isn't tied, and the neighbours don't want him around (for which one cannot blame them). Anyway, it appears that Bob managed to pull the cable loose, and his lead slipped off the trolley ... so he is off somewhere, trailing 15 feet of coated airline cable. That will snag on something - and Bob will be caught. We searched the near vicinity, called for him, got no reply. We looked around his usual haunts... no Bob. No sign. I can't imagine him getting very far with that lead behind him, but he didn't turn up in our search of the area. Not encouraging.

I miss him already. Bob is such a cool character, even if he has some issues with doing the job we need him to do ... as a 'person', I really like him.

At least McKenzie stayed home with his sheep, doing his job and being a good guardian. That's an encouraging bit in a long day.

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  1. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Oh no!!! Come home, Bob!!! We miss you!!


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