24 April 2007

Lamb updates

It's been awhile, so I thought I should post some lamb updates. :)

We went over to Leader's house today and picked up Curry, the Boy's new 4H market lamb. He was purchased at the beginning of the month, but he needed some extra time with his momma to get more milk and grow big ... and my goodness, that must be good milk because he has definitely gotten big! How do I know this? I carried him from the pen to the truck, and he is heavy!

We've been periodically weighing the other lambs, using our less-than-exact method of standing on the scale, picking up the lamb, and doing the math. It would appear that our first lambs are not gaining particularly well - they weigh only 15 lbs each, which is the same weight as Coca Cola and Clarence, who are a full month younger! Cola and Clarence are doing really well: they have lovely fleece and are gaining steadily.

Corolla still is our most active lamb. She loves tearing around the pasture, and at 25 lbs she is the biggest of our new arrivals (not particularly surprising, as she is a single not a twin). Cutter and Crumb, the first lambs, are healthy and happy, if small, and Cherub, The Boy's 4H breeding ewe lamb, seems quite content to sit on the hill and bask in the sunshine most afternoons. She is well up over 50 lbs, so weighing her is getting to be more and more challenging!

Aaaah ... sheep are great. :)

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  1. Anonymous8:33 am

    Cuuuute pictures of the babies!! They are just precious!!

    Love, AC


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